Friday, December 23, 2011

SLcation (vacation in SL)

After Christmas it will be 3 Weeks that I have left Gor.   I am not really missing it at all,  Its been stress free most of this time,  but I still had some BS drama.  It was for a short little bit of time,  I made it clear that I am relaxing and enjoying my FREEDOM.   I am not talking about the Collar I used to wear in role play, but the Freedom of being tied down to the sim and village.

I spend nearly 3 years of trying to make a better place for gay Goreans to role play in.   I do believe that I have done that, but what I failed to realize that Gay Gor dose not want a better place to role play.    They are stuck in the Cap, Rap and Release role play.   I do know that there are gay Goreans who are fine role players,  some do play in gay gor and some do not.   I chose not play in the gay gor cluster, as I wanted to play with all.  

We were accepted into the By The Book Gor, even that I felt we would be always in Gorean Evolved side of SL Gor.   We role played with the City of Fina and Port Cos,  they were very open to us and welcoming.   Sure we would always run into homophobic jerks,  but that is everywhere here in SL and in the Real World.  The Funny thing I had  very little problems with the straight folks,  they have been open and welcoming.  The gay players on the other hand was the problems,  few case of reverse homophobia,  scared into a BTB cluster so they left without giving it a try,  and really the same gay gor BS drama.   Really people when you role play a slave you are just that,  you are not boyfriend or a lover.  You are a fucking slave.

I feel very embarrassed and ashamed that I brought Gay Gor to the Tor’Mark Cluster ,   I was pushing for something that Gay Gor did not want,  and that was Real Gorean role play.  I will never will role play with the Gay Gor.  I give up on them and let them do their thing.  It is not for me I want better

When the other half of Kalana Fjord got sold, I was first happy that the village was saved.  I really though things would be fine.   Well, hummmm,  I guess it is fine, but  I really feel pushed out.  I was told that the vilage will be kept the same.   Slowly more and more of my stuff is returned,  my vision is vanishing and all the hard work I did for 6 months all gone.  It was like it did not matter no more.  This has happen to me before,  all the hard work I put in and all for nothing.  This is kinda what is holding me back form converting my sim into a game of thrones sim.

It would be nice if I was included in the village,  I know I don’t own that part of it but it was my vision, my layout and hard work with others.  I am very good person to work with and I do enjoy and  to work with others.   I just feel so pushed aside like I don’t matter and that was another thing that made me want to leave gor.   I am being excluded with the village but then still all the BS OOC drama is still sent to me.  For get it,  I am here to have fun too.

So far I am enjoying my Slcation,  been dancing and meeting new friends.   I am miss that part of my SL,  time for me to be me and not Misha the Kajiurs/Thrall.   I do miss role play and I do enjoy it when I can get it.   Whatever we do for rp I plan in spending time on earth as well,  but in owning a role play sim it takes a lot of effort and work.  I am not sure I want to do that again.  As it is I work enough hours in real life, so why should I work in SL?   The funny thing, that is why I went into Gor in the first place.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boots Beach

One of the oldest gay hangouts has been brought back,  Boots Beach was and will be a great place just to hangout and make friends.   I was a great place for new Gay SL players to go and learn the ropes.   I remember back in the day it was a silly fun crazy place for all to enjoy.   Nudity is welcome but its not a sex place,  that is a plus for me.  All that now me, know that I love to be naked.    Just some people need to learn being naked dose not always equal sex.

Being lazy at Boots

I hope this place becomes the best place for gay people to go to like it was back when i was new, But to do that it dose need to move onto a full sim.  Right now it is on a homestead sim where the max avs is 20

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

King's Landing (FNP) is crossed out

Today I woke up,   fining out a good friend of mine got banned from king's landing (fnp)  for just having a collar on.  He was dressed in what can be called peasant clothing,  he said to be like a stable hand.   He did have on a observers tag and went there to check it out because he heard we were going to do game of thrones role play.   From what he told me they did ask him to take it off,  he said he will try but it is stuck on because of RLV (real life and i dont know what the v stands for),   its a thing for masters can take full contol of the slave avatar.  for me RLV is not for me,   I will have full control of my avatar.   Anyways,   before he can do anything about it they banned him.  

This is the type of place I do not want to role play in.   I have noted many of the Gorean Forums people do role play there so I am not suprised by this.   I like to be inclusive not exclusive.  To educate and not to put people down because they do not know.  

This is not to bash them as they can run their sim the way they want,  this is just to say why i have ruled them out of any role play on my part


Banned over this?  Note he did manage to take the collar off
Love you my brother JM

Monday, December 12, 2011

One Week Out of Gor

Well its been one week of mostly been out of Gor.  I did partake in a battle using the LCS meter.  I really been wanting to see this meter work at this level. I have to say I still like it much better than the GM.  Most of the time I been hanging out at spurt beach.  Anyplace i can be naked is a good place for me.   I have explored around Gay SL,  I have to say it not as good as it used to be.  It is a quiet place,  everyone chats in IM and not in public with the exceptions of jungles boys.   Silence is not always Golden,   Gay SL seams like an unfriendly and lonely place.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bigus Dickus

Why do some guys feel the need to have huge cock,  I find them unnatural and unattractive.   It makes me wonder if they have a small one in real life.

Nothing is more sexier when having sex and having the cock come out of your belly button.  As for me like the normal sized cock, in sl and in rl, like mine.

a nice one that fits my body,  not small but not over sized.    

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exploring Part 1 - Rejectz

I was out looking for other gay role play,  other than gorean sims the first one i saw was Rejectz Dark Urban RP.  I thought I would go and check it out.   I do have to say it is a nice build, but there was one thing that just ruined it for me, and that was the snow on the ground.  According to the note card it is set in Southern California,  now i spent all my life in  So. Cal.  and once in my life time it had snowed.  there was not much snow and with in hours it was all gone. 

I did like the build very much even with the snow,  for me it was to dark for me but then i am a nature lover and that was one of the things that attracted me to Gor. 

As for the Role Play,  I did not see any.  There was 9 other avs on the sim at the time.  only one was near by and the others maybe in sky boxes.  It dose not look like the place for me.   I will go and visit over the weekend to see if there is any rp going on.   

Rejects rp status is still open,   but the game of thrones is still front runner 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spurts - Gay Men Nudist Beach

Before Gor one of my favorite hang out places was Hot'n Hung.  It was a nude beach for gay men to hang out, dance, and have sex.   I was not much for having a lot of sex there, but with a few people that I have thought was hot, but all and all i did not have a lot of sex.   That is where i got my biggest flirt of gay SL from at the time,  well not me as Misha but as mike I did.

Spurts:  Dance area and Beach

Looking for places to hangout again and that Hot'n Hung is now long gone I found Spurts.  It is really a Hot'n Hung #2.  Very much the same feel and just as nice.  Looking around there is a lot sex toys around, no sex huts.   I did find a sex cave but that is it.  One neat thing there is two sims next to it.  they have very nice homes.  I would not mind living here and might if i get rid of my sims.

Spurt:  Meeting new friends

I don't know if Matt would like it here,  he dose not have the fondness of running around naked like I do.
If I could in real life, I would buy a tropical beach and fill it with nude sexy guys.  Make a nice resort

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My New Blog

Now that I am no long a gorean slave, I thought I would start a new blog.  A blog of new adventures in role play that I am going to try out.  Game of Thrones looks to be the front running in this.  Most of my gorean stuff will easily go over except for the silks and collar.   I am sad that one of my brothers, Godric decided to stay in gor, but I fully understand for wanting to stay.   He likes it and it is what he knows,  I hope that he can still be part of our new adventures.  

I do plan in not making this a blog where I be using it to vent my frustrations out onto the public.  I do think that the other blog help prolong my stay in gor, with out it i would have given up sooner.