Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am now officially single,  I really felt that way for a long time now anyways, even back when I was back in Gor.    I have made changes in hopes me and my X would have more time together.   I never really happened.  I spent more and more time alone working on the sim doing things for other people.  I started seeking attention from others,  I was having a lot of sex with other people.  I did tell my X all about it,  he was all for an open relationship anyways.   For me it was more about being sexy, being wanted, and having short burst of role play.   As for role play,  I got a new job that is giving me a lot of hours and I don't have time to get involved with new role play that will take a lot of my time.  It would  not be fare to the others if I can only be there to role play for a few hours a week.
sex was get a nice role play fix,  do a bit of flirting and have a challenge.  I think that is why I was having lots of sex with women,  men are just to easy to have.

I was together with my X for over 4 years would have been soon for 5.  I wish him well and happiness even it caused a lot of sorrow for me.    I will go on with life in both worlds and work hard.  I hope I do can find someone real to love me, but it is hard with the hours I work.  Many don't like to be home alone when I am working at nights.