Thursday, February 21, 2013

Misha in the Middle

I am not a big avatar by any standard, nor am I a small one.    When I go to places where the bears are, they tower over me, huge and hairy.    In my mind they are just to big and over compensating.  I am not sure what for,   maybe they want to look like a Tom of Finland drawing.   Many do treat me badly, telling me I am a child and pervert.   No I am not, I like to be somewhat normal sized, I am not a gym rat nor do I want to be hairy.   Being over 8 feet tall, built like a brick house and has hairy as a gorilla does not make you more of a man, just a Slider Queen.
Today, I had a visitor on Driftwood a Femboi,  I was not rude to him nor did I kick him out for looking underage,  I should have though.  I was busy trying on demo mesh feet.   I IMed me out of the blue and said this is a dead club.  I informed him well it is not a club but a beach and homes, as I am not interested in running a club.   This is a place to relax and have fun.    Then he went on to bitch that I was to tall.   I said yes I am taller than life size but shorter than many here on sl,  a medium sized av.  
I told him I thought he was to short,  he then he replied no he was not and he was 5 feet tall.   I said yes you are to short for an adult male,  then he said he was a femboi.    That is when I took my cam off of the mesh feet and took a look at him,  yes he was short and had narrow shoulders and wide hips, very boyish.   I gave him the lecture of how adult males have long torso with wider shoulders than the hips where women have narrow shoulders, wide hips and short torsos.   He replied, exactly what a femboi is.   Well I disagree,   being femi is a state of being not how the body develops,  and femi adult male will still be tall, wider shoulder than the hips and a long torso like Andrej Pejic for example. See pick below and see his tumblr

SL fembois are edging age play,   if you come to my place you will banned.  I do try to be open minded and try not to judge people, but if you come to my place, to throw insults to me about how tall I am, you will get tell you what I think and I will make it public here:   Yes, people are taller in SL than in RL.  I do think most are to tall and unrealistic such as the slider queens.  The Tiny Twinks and Fembois are worse,  they tote that they are life size but still have the body of a boy with little bald dicks.   I am sorry, to me you do look underage and unattractive.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I am now officially single,  I really felt that way for a long time now anyways, even back when I was back in Gor.    I have made changes in hopes me and my X would have more time together.   I never really happened.  I spent more and more time alone working on the sim doing things for other people.  I started seeking attention from others,  I was having a lot of sex with other people.  I did tell my X all about it,  he was all for an open relationship anyways.   For me it was more about being sexy, being wanted, and having short burst of role play.   As for role play,  I got a new job that is giving me a lot of hours and I don't have time to get involved with new role play that will take a lot of my time.  It would  not be fare to the others if I can only be there to role play for a few hours a week.
sex was get a nice role play fix,  do a bit of flirting and have a challenge.  I think that is why I was having lots of sex with women,  men are just to easy to have.

I was together with my X for over 4 years would have been soon for 5.  I wish him well and happiness even it caused a lot of sorrow for me.    I will go on with life in both worlds and work hard.  I hope I do can find someone real to love me, but it is hard with the hours I work.  Many don't like to be home alone when I am working at nights.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Update

As expected my Real Life work is kicking my Real Life ass.   Not only I am working 10 to 12 hours a day with lower pay and i have to drive farther, I been working 6 days a week too.   I am glad I shut down Lannisport,  I dont need that stress.   I am happy with DriftWood, but I like to see the public beach more busy with people.   I have been slowly adding more stuff, now I think I have enough sex stuff for 3 sims, lol.

I have been spending some time at straight beaches chatting with the people there.     I am really not liking the "Gay" Places.  They are so quite and lonely,  everyone stands around like zombies.   All I ever get is IMs of people wanting to fuck.     I am finding myself getting more and more distant from my community.... sighs.

Been going to Gor for short bits of rp,  Matt/Ty and Judas have become active in Gor.  I will go back at times for some rp but I will not be full time gorean again.  I will not join a city, i will just go for visits

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Times comes and goes,  I am dancing alone at driftwood.   I wish it was more busy, but what can i do as i am not online enough to promote it properly.   I am very happy that all of the homes are rented out it helps with the tier payment.   Some paid months in advanced so this month I don't have to pay out of my own pocket, but i will have to pay more next tier.   It is ok as it will balance out.  it will be like this, some month hardly pay a thing and others pay a lot.
Been getting a lot of visitors, gay and straight, they all love the look of Driftwood and all say it is one of the best nude places in SL.   If they like it so much why not come more often....oh I know why.... the key to any sim is green dots.   It takes green dots to make more green dots.  I need to get a core of people to hang out but then it is hard to do that when i am working to much in the real life.   As for Matt/Ty and Judas,  they went back to Gor to role play.   It is what they enjoy and I understand that....sighs....Gor.    I went back twice and wanted out of it fast.   I am not ready for that crap and bull shit.     I wish there there was other rp that was kinda like Gor but not Gor, if you know what i mean.     As for Game of Thrones role play,  it is to small and underdeveloped.  It dose not know what it wants to be.
On a good note,   i was able to get some Hot N Hung relics for my beach.  HnH was the first gay nude beach in SL.

Hot n Hung Hut from the Original HnH

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Misha is now 4 years

Another uneventful Rez-day... sighs....I wonder if I matter at all. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Things are going very well,  I have rented all the homes that are up for rent.  I made some low prim rooms as well.   We will see if they are in demand.   The public beach part is still not so busy, but I saw some new faces laying about today.  I hope word catches on and we will slowly grow.   I don't want to have a lot of dances or events so it will be a slow in getting people to come and visit and hang out.  We do have a lot of things to do at the beach, I hope that will attract people.  

As for the turtle coast thing,   I still have no clue in who spammed them or if any one had at all.   A few people there never even heard of Driftwood nor was spammed.  I think the owner there is full of bull shit and banned me because she thinks we are competition.

AS for the RL work,  I am working lots of ours. I leave at 5:30 pm and get home at 9 am.   I am glad I closed down Lannisport.  I was making no income from apartment rents to help with the teir and I just dont have the time to run a role play sim.  Driftwood is perfect for me now

Monday, June 25, 2012

take back what i said about Turtle Coast

Well I can be wrong about places and I am wrong about Turtle Coast.  Well not all wrong, the people who go there is nice, but I cannot say that about the owner.... She is a grade A bitch.  Some how I sent her an invite to Driftwood,  I don't recall sending her one, nor did I send anyone to my Turtle Coast friends or those who go there, not even to Steffie,  who is the other gay guy who goes to the Turtle Coast.
From what I can figure out, one of my renters must have sent the invite out.  He is someone who found us on search and goes to Turtle and Wild Coast.   He is a nice guy and I think he did not do that to harm anyone.
I did talk to the owner of the Coasts when I was righting this.  I got unbanned but I demanded a refund from joining the groups. 500 lindens to join turtle and 450 to join wild.  she would give me only the 500 back. I am ok with that as I did enjoy myself there.   She wanted an apology which i would not give,  i don't like being accused of something i did not do.  Then she said it was someone of my Staff,  I know my Staff and they would not go there let alone spend 500 lindens to join that group.   I think the Turtle Coast owner dose not like completion and to say i spammed her group is nothing but bull shit and a lie.
To all my turtle friends,  I like to say thank you for being kind to me and I had lots of fun there, but I will never be back.  I don't go to places where I am not welcomed.

added a bit later
A little bit later she came back to me saying I was rude to her in off line IM,  which I was.  I did say 'screw you'   in the off line because I was being accused of something I did not do, nor did she talk to me in person before banning and booting me from the sim.  This Sim owner is nothing but another sim owning ass hole who thinks they are better than every one else.   She had the pleasure of throwing at my face that i am now banned from 26 sim that are some of the busiest ones of SL for 5 years.   Let me tell you this Miss Sim Owner,  you are not better than everyone else,  you are just another bitch who thinks she is better than everyone else.    I say to you, you can take your fucking 26 sims and stick them where the sun dont shine,  oh wait the sun shines there too.    Well stick them up where a man has never been in!