Sunday, July 1, 2012


Things are going very well,  I have rented all the homes that are up for rent.  I made some low prim rooms as well.   We will see if they are in demand.   The public beach part is still not so busy, but I saw some new faces laying about today.  I hope word catches on and we will slowly grow.   I don't want to have a lot of dances or events so it will be a slow in getting people to come and visit and hang out.  We do have a lot of things to do at the beach, I hope that will attract people.  

As for the turtle coast thing,   I still have no clue in who spammed them or if any one had at all.   A few people there never even heard of Driftwood nor was spammed.  I think the owner there is full of bull shit and banned me because she thinks we are competition.

AS for the RL work,  I am working lots of ours. I leave at 5:30 pm and get home at 9 am.   I am glad I closed down Lannisport.  I was making no income from apartment rents to help with the teir and I just dont have the time to run a role play sim.  Driftwood is perfect for me now

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