Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I thought I should do a little update as I have not blogged in a while.   The build is coming along nicely.   I have people start filling up the building with stuff.  we are doing good with prims so far, but then Matt has not started to put his own stuff down yet.   After my trip to New Orleans,  I hope to have an opening.   

I still spend time on earth and making new friends. It is something I dearly missed in my time in gor.   I got sucked up in gor and trying to have a good role place for once, I forgotten how nice it is just to go out and mingle with people and be myself.    

Matt and I have an open relationship here on SL.  So I am free to play,  I have has some sex with people and it reminded me why I like gor in the first place.    NO xcite clickers,  just nice long emotes which turn me on.    

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Notice to all the Max Sliders

Just becaue you move your sliders ot the max and put on alot of  prim hair,  it dose not make you a Man.   Men come in all shape and sizes, because do not fell the need to be bigger than everyone else dos not make me and others like me teens or perverts,  get a fucking life.  not my fault you have a tiny cock in rl.   Did you know i am just as tall as Shaquille O'neal of the NBA, he stands 7 ft 1 in and i am: [12:39] Height Detector (Accurate) - Prim Height: misha Hellershanks is 2.227889 m (7 ft. 3in.) tall. (counting shoes) - Prim Height  2 inches taller than one of the biggest men in the NBA.
You poeple tower over me,  you are the freaks not me.  dont like me, my size or the people my size then FUCK OFF!

For those who dont know what a Max Slider is,  it is someone who slides all the sliders to the max when they are making their shapes to making them as big as possible

Saturday, January 21, 2012

getting ready to move ushindi

I have told my renters that I will be putting in the ticket to move Ushindi on its own on the 25th,   got some feed back and all was good as they were understanding.   I always did a good job of keeping the rental full, but it is time to move on from gor.     Now that the Tor’Mark is going with the LCS, I would like to come and do some raiding and help defending to get that urge out of me.   I feel that there will not be many raids in game of thrones, but in time as/if it grows I can see that happening.   The version of Game of Thrones is the 7 Kingdoms, about 100 years before the books when they were not unified as one kingdom.   I can see that bringing more conflict and battles between the kingdoms.

As my partner in all this is pumpus and self-centered as a role player,  he makes for a perfect Lannister.  As a result we are making Lannisport and Castlelry Rock on Ushindi.  I have been role playing on Winterfell and it is a lot of para-rp.  I know many people like it and don’t like it.  I am ok with it but I often get lost with a lot of people so I stay quiet and watch.  I will put in a bit here and there if I fill that I can.   I hope this new endeavor works out , I do miss role play and I hope it is not a ooc drama fest that Gor is.

Here some picks of the new build

More picks coming soon and i hope less just floating around

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Back to Role Play

It took me some time to get back into it and I had a nice time role playing in Winter fell (7K).   I will be playing a Squire/Ward to Tyrellious Lannister the crown prince of the Kingdom of the Rock who is played by matt.    There is a lot of para-role play so I hope I can keep up.  I did well on a one and one rp, but I get lost when it is a big group of people.   They are not much into meter combat something I do enjoy.  Some to use the LCS meter , so there is hope.

Every day I am getting eliminated from Kalana Fjord,  they have out baths under the Longhall and got the same arena that I got.  No need to have them up anymore.    I was going to take them down but I think I will move the sim before my vacation.    I will give game of thrones a try and have Lannisport and Castlery Rock on Ushindi.  I have been building it, even though I was not sure I wanted to do this.  I do enjoy building and that is why I started, to give me something to do besides just hanging out flirting and dancing.

I do like to keep my options open and that is why I have not moved the sim quickly.   I left gor but then who know, I left it before and came back a few days later. Now it has been over a month and I have not looked back. I do miss my friends but not the role play.   I did really like the Tor’Mark Fell but then horror that is Gay Gor fallowed.  Same drama and bull shit.   Then either we were to gay for the straight but not gay enough for the gays,  I guess there is no middle ground.    When we do open Lannisport it will not be promoted as gay role play,  maybe gay friendly as I want to rp with all as I always have.

I am glad to get back into role play and I am glad to be able to hang out and make new friends.    I am not going to be trapped in one or the other again.  I do want to enjoy both

Sunday, January 1, 2012

good bye misha the kajirus

today i deleted my other blog.  it is the end of that life.  i did wait weeks and weeks to make sure.  i feel sad that it is gone, as i did work hard on it and it was a way for me to keep going in gor