Monday, June 25, 2012

take back what i said about Turtle Coast

Well I can be wrong about places and I am wrong about Turtle Coast.  Well not all wrong, the people who go there is nice, but I cannot say that about the owner.... She is a grade A bitch.  Some how I sent her an invite to Driftwood,  I don't recall sending her one, nor did I send anyone to my Turtle Coast friends or those who go there, not even to Steffie,  who is the other gay guy who goes to the Turtle Coast.
From what I can figure out, one of my renters must have sent the invite out.  He is someone who found us on search and goes to Turtle and Wild Coast.   He is a nice guy and I think he did not do that to harm anyone.
I did talk to the owner of the Coasts when I was righting this.  I got unbanned but I demanded a refund from joining the groups. 500 lindens to join turtle and 450 to join wild.  she would give me only the 500 back. I am ok with that as I did enjoy myself there.   She wanted an apology which i would not give,  i don't like being accused of something i did not do.  Then she said it was someone of my Staff,  I know my Staff and they would not go there let alone spend 500 lindens to join that group.   I think the Turtle Coast owner dose not like completion and to say i spammed her group is nothing but bull shit and a lie.
To all my turtle friends,  I like to say thank you for being kind to me and I had lots of fun there, but I will never be back.  I don't go to places where I am not welcomed.

added a bit later
A little bit later she came back to me saying I was rude to her in off line IM,  which I was.  I did say 'screw you'   in the off line because I was being accused of something I did not do, nor did she talk to me in person before banning and booting me from the sim.  This Sim owner is nothing but another sim owning ass hole who thinks they are better than every one else.   She had the pleasure of throwing at my face that i am now banned from 26 sim that are some of the busiest ones of SL for 5 years.   Let me tell you this Miss Sim Owner,  you are not better than everyone else,  you are just another bitch who thinks she is better than everyone else.    I say to you, you can take your fucking 26 sims and stick them where the sun dont shine,  oh wait the sun shines there too.    Well stick them up where a man has never been in!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

1st Party at DriftWood

We had our first of I hope of many parties, but not something that is a weekly or monthly events.  I rathers have parties for special occasions.   Rez day or Brithday Parties,  Parties to celibate something of importance,  I just don't to have dances and events to help drive traffic up, That is something I dont want to worry about.  I dont feel like i have to be here all the time having events.  I have did that and really maded me go to Gor and hide.  

DriftWood is for relaxing, to slow down and enjoy your friends and loved ones, by playing games, making love, watching a movie, and yes dancing if one wishes

Friday, June 22, 2012

New to Driftwood

Things are going great,   out of my nine rentals I only have 3 left.  What makes me very happy it is a mixed crowed,  We have 3 gay renters and 3 straight,   I always liked a mix of people as long they are open minded.

I have few new things in Driftwood, one is a radio and the other is a movie theater kinda.

The Radio i have set for anyone to use.  so they can change up the music.  I don't ever plan on this in being a supper busy sim, nor a club that hosts many events.  It is a place to relax and have a good time with no pressure.  Mostly no pressure on me.


The Radio is located in the DJ booth at the Dance area.   The Dance area is more for occasional parties mostly for the residents on the sim.

Driftwood Movie Theater,   one thing i missed a lot was having a movie night with loved ones and friends.  We plan on having movie nights and I just got two new movies, The Grey and Immortals.  The Screen its self is over the water and the lever is in the tiki bar with the DVD player that is loaded with movies and shows. 

Screen over water:

DVD Player and Screen Lever in the Tiki Bar:

Everyone is welcome to watch a movie anytime they want,  just remember to drop the screen when done.   It is best to set your viewer at night to watch, oh don't forget to watch naked.

The last thing,  I have added a security orb,  it will send home anyone who is under 30 days old and who is under 6 feet tall, (2.8 meters, I think).  This is for added grifer protection and to help to keep child avatars out.  If you are an adult and under 6 feet,  I am sorry but people are tall in SL,  I think it is because of the lower gravity here.   

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pictures of DriftWood

Its been two weeks that I closed down Lannisport and built DriftWood (DW). The only thing I have left to build it is our home. I have made 9 rentals and already I have 4 rented out and maybe another, the main issue is weather to take a big rental or a small one. This coming Sunday I will have a grand opening which include open house and dance party. Here is some pics of the sim.

DW Residental area:

The most front home is the big 999 prim lot and the small 500 prim lots next to them. the building in the back is our home. With them all rented it will pay for about 2/3th of the sim. I wanted to make something modern for a change.

DW Beach:

A nice sized beach area, there is a bar, fire pit, dance area, and loungers to sun yourself with. I know that there is an area for dancing, but I don't want to be a club or have regular events. It is a place for special parties, such as Rez days or Birthdays and the such, mostly for residential use. There is a sex bed at the Tiki bar, the only sex thing on the beach part.

DW Kelp Forest:

This is mostly for swimming and my friend Abir so she can be a mermaid, I am more than sure that she will take this over from me. We also have two free swimming dolphins a Mama and a Baby, to be named later. I am sure Abir will take good care of them.

DW Dolphins:

DW Falls:

These are the same falls I used in Kalana Falls and Hirmgar Village. i just love them, they are stunning and dose not take a lot of space. I have a few sex poses and shower animations. I am up at top mediating.

DM Humping Cave:

This is right behind the cave, it is great space behind the falls, have water over head that is water source for the falls. I just hate when people that have waterfalls with now lakes are rivers feeding the falls. As the name suggests a lot of sex stuff here.

DM Gaming Area:

Not only do I like being naked and being naughty, I also like playing games and playing naked it fun too. here we do have Greedy Greedy, Zyngo, and Texas Hold'em. Oh I forgot to mention there is 7seas fishing at the kelp forest too. If you are lucky or unlucky you can catch my friend Abir in her mermaid AV.

DM Romance Area:

This place is for people who wish to have a romantic time. Not only some sexy stuff here but there is slow dancing and a picnic blanket too. If one was to adjust their viewer to sunset, it is rather stunning. It is the second highest point in the sim.

DM Mountian Top Hot Tub:

This is the highest point and gives 360 of awesome view of the whole sim. Nice Cuddles and Sex poses as well a great message table (matt) from Blue Balls. The steam is a nice effect but it will lag those with not good computers or gaphic cards, a simple fix is to turn down or off your particles.

DM Prirate Cave:

The Pirate Cave are for those who like a little bit harder and ruff sex. There is some bondage stuff as well. To bad we will not be running into Johnny Depp in there, well it is not like I want to have sex with Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Well that is the main parts of the sim. I have plans to do something inside of the moon. A build area most likey. I hope many will come and enjoy the place, be friendly, and to have open chat.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Driftwood Island Estates and Resort is my new project, its not a rp sim but a residential and beach that is for All Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bi, Transgender, and Non-Human Adult Avs.  The beach part is open to everyone,  clothing optional and there is a lot of hidden and not so hidden sex areas.  Unlike other gay places, I want to be open to all Adult Avatars Males and Females and to have people chatting in public,  not just some Avs just standing around cruising.   Cruising is fun and cool, but when it is all done in IMs it is dull.  When I do to these places I try to talk in public chat but most people are lost in thier IMs......Booooring

I always did well with home rentals,  I will have 6 small rentals with 500 prims,   3 big ones with 999 Prims,  will be charging 2 Lindens a prim a week.    Once I am done on ground level I might put in a mall in the sky or sky boxes to help bring in more lindens.  If i can get 3/4th of the sim paid for it would be great. I hope this works out

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Was Now is Gone

What took a month to build is now gone in hours,  a splendid city of Lannisport is now forever gone and my desire in running a role play sim.   I do have to say,  the players I got were great,   excellence role players, good writers and no drama, what could a sim owner can ask for.    One thing was I could not get a study flow of rp,  it was very sporadic and it was not just the players,  i was just as guilty too.   I did go out and dance and would spend my first our off of the sim to wake up.  I was hoping it would help prevent burn out like I had in gor.   One thing for a sim owner, he or she needs to be on sim all the time,  they need to have good support.  I started out with good support, but then my support needed a break which is ok, we all need it,  I need it.

My real life got crazy,  in danger of losing my job, but I got a transfer to another plant. I got a job,  it will be less pay and more hours.    I figured it out I will be making about 1000 dollars less a month, but good thing for the extra overtime as I will mostly will be making  it back.  As a result of this, I thought it would be best just to shut down Lannisport and do something new.  If I am not able to be online that much there is no way i would be running the sim proper.   I really wanted to keep the sim, so I am making Driftwood Estates, a clothing optional beach and home rentals that is on the naughty side : }.   I hope it works out well,  I would hate to lose the place and I always wanted to do something like this.... a Naked Misha is a Happy Misha

Pictures coming soon