Monday, April 30, 2012


As of late I feel very unmotivated,  i really should not have dont lannisport.  i just dont want to run thing anymore and just have some fun.  i should have just made Ushindi a sim for homes and make it slave friendly.  I do not miss gor i do miss playing a slave.   I dont know what to do but Gor is not an option.  I left it i left it for good

Sunday, April 15, 2012

kinda pissed

I work really hard in tying to make Lannisport work,  i do put in a lot of time and effort let alone pay the $295 USD every month to pay the tier.   When I left gor i did know know what to do with the sim,  I was not sure if I was going to keep it.   Was I going to just rent homes or make a role play sim?  I even thought about bring back hot n'hung back.   But, I saw Game of Thrones on TV and I thought this is what role play should be about.   I gave it a shot,  Now i am thinking i made a mistake.  I though i was going to have good help who cared as much as I do.  I was wrong in this,  as i felt in gor.  I have a few people helping me out a lot,  and i thanks them for this, but out of my original people who were to help me make this grow, well lets say,  they are not as i hoped.  I am taking a few days off and i have a ok role play in St Leviathans boys college believe it or not.  Well i was the only one emoting,  but i had fun.    I dont worry about others emotes, at least i got to rp with someone.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

In a bit of a mess

When things were going well, I had roles filled I knew who was doing what.   Now a lot of those people are not missing.  I am not sure what I have open.   I thing I do hate is when people fill out an application,  then interview them, they talk themselves up good saying they can do this and that and they have friends that might come.   I would think great and spend a lot of time setting them up.  Then they go poof and never see them again.   I have seen this in Gor as well.    I found out why one of the banner houses lords has not been on, and it is good that I know as it is something he cannot help and will be back.  That I can deal with, things happen, but when people just vanish and i have not a clue why really bugs me.    If one wants to no to rp here just let me know and I can find others who want their role and find those who do want to rp here.

Another thing,  I thought I had great friends who would help me out on this new adventure from the beginning.   Most of them are gone doing there own thing,  leaving me holding the bag so to say.  Now that Matt is back at his Mothers house, he will be able to help out more,  and I am very happy he is now fully out of gor.  I do need help on the sim.  One thing i am not good at is driving rp and making stories up.

Now for the good things,   We had a very good opening,  Soar Patrol was great:
The Wedding was fast and easy,  the ooc dance was ok.  I wish we had more people, but i was able to relax and have fun.

Outside of Game of Thrones,  DJ Thorn made me my own Gesture,  it really made me feel special,  thanks Thorn for that,  Misha