Monday, March 26, 2012

Alive then Dead

I thought things were going well,  good rp we were growing.  i went on a meter hunt and spent alot of time looking at them.  I wanted to give the larps system a try.   I thought it was worth a shot,  it offers character sheets, dice and combat system.   I want to give it a two week try,  but they all vanished.  Lannisport for the last few weeks has be almost a ghost town.   Few people come to rp,  our Banner houses are dead and Matt has stopped working on a banner house dice system.  saying what is the point in doing this work if the banner houses are empty.   Well when the new season of the show starts and things dont improve,  i just scrap the project it is not worth the 300 usd a month to pay in teirs on a empty sim

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goreans are Pussies

I been on a meter search ever sence the maker of the LCS vanished again.  I find it hard to use a this system when a issue comes and no way to fix it.   The LCS meter giver stoped working after the lindens did an update.  the Meter works but no new player can get a hud and that is a problem.   It is really sad too,  it was just starting to take off in the gorean sims,  it is really a better system than the GM.   I been looking around for meters, MCM, spellfire and its off shoots, and the larps and along with the LCS none of them have splash, rapid firing arrows and a limited arrow supply.  All which the Goreans cry about,  all they say they need to have.   They are such Children with their crying and bitching.   They got to have their bad ass bows so they can pretend to be bad asses.   The more I am out of gor the more I HATE it and the more I think I wasted 3 years of my life for this waste of role play

Friday, March 16, 2012

Good Move

With Lannisport being open for a month and I being out of Gor for little over 2 month.  I do have to stay it is a great move on my part.   I have started to have fun again,  there has been no Stress, no Drama, and no BS.   There has been a little bit of left over Gorean Crap,  but that life is past.  If people cannot get past what happen in Gor, nor do I want to hear about the Gorean Drama.

I feel well rested and stress free,  I can see it in the mirror when i look at my real life self.   I don't feel the need to be on my sim at every waking moment to babysit players.    I am amazed with the role play and how people can role play without any guidance of  others.   Not only do the city have its storyline with the future conflict with Winterfell, the players have their own stories, plots and agenda as well.   We have players who, like to dish out the words in there para role play and others like me to toss out a few lines,  detailed but short to the point.   We  have beginning players who are just starting,  and I love having them here.

So far we have two set backs,  the first being the meter.  The maker of the LCS meter, which I love with all of it issues,  has disappeared once again.  Second the other Game of Thrones bad rep.   I was trying to get Lannisport listed on the Medieval and Fantasy role play grid.   The owner of the Grid would not even look at us thinking we were the ugly sims in the WGoT realm, but as soon she saw lannisport, she was amazed in how it looked and got us in.  Some people thought we were connected to the Kings Landing (fnp)  who i mentioned in a earlier post.   They did not want to come here  thinking we were related to those people.    I had to do some damage repair that had nothing to do with Lannisport or the 7 Kingdoms realm.

All in all, Things are going Great and much better than i thought,  we have 40 players now, much more than i ever had in that crap of gor, being open only for a month.   Good Bye Gor and Good Riddance, you will never see this red head again.

One thing i have noticed, most of the AVs here and in most of SL is not over sized like in gor

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Two weeks

Lannisport has been open for two weeks, the second week sucked because I was sick and have not been able to do much, not much building nor role playing.  Friday I did a lot of sleeping but today, Saturday I did a lot of role play. It was refreshing and interesting and very unlike Gor.   Most of Gor is just waiting for the next battle or who to serve next.   In Gor I felt like I had a babysit and to entertain people.  I noticed that this small group of role players and entertain themselves.    We just got a big group of people in to role players coming from another  game of thrones sim.  they all seam to be very nice and experiences. I am very encouraged.