Monday, May 28, 2012

Silence is not always golden

The last few days I been in straight Second Life and the reason for that,  People Talk and Chat in open public.
Gay Second Life is so silent, a lot of over sized Avatars standing around looking to fuck.  Cruising spots like Bodyworks or Hubs is the worst.   People just stand around, in there IMs looking for sex.   Places like Sprut nude beach is in the middle, what saves it is the events and only a few of us will chat there.   Don't get me wrong there are chatty places like Myst, but they are mostly busy at night when they have DJs or the new Boots beach.  The problem there it is always empty when I am online.

Back in the old day there were a few clubs where people dance all day at,  Blue Boy Club was one of them.  People would go and dance and chat make new friends.   Cruising spot like Hot'n Hung Men Nude Beach was a great place.  I loved it there,   there was all types of people, well over 18 that is,  did not matter if you were a human, furry or a fantasy creature.  All was welcome,  there was alot of open sex and open Chat.   People would talk in the old days, unlike now.

The sex is horrible,  very few people can emote outside of grunts or saying stuff like 'fuck me harder', 'fuck you are so tight', 'you like my cock in you, don't you',  crap like that.  That was something that attracted me to Gor,  the sex was so much better with a good role player, than some over sized monkey whose cock dose not match his skin.

Straight Places like Turtle Coast, a nudes beach,  see pic below, is full of open chat and fun.  Yes some the ladies are upset that I am a gay boy,  they think I am so cute.  It is nice to be able to dance, chat and have a good time without people up in my IMs just wanting to fuck.  I like to have sex as well, but sometimes it is nice to chat and just have fun too.  

I do like this set up they have at Turtle Coast.   It is 500 Lindens to join the group and you need to be in the group to enjoy the place.   I talked to them and they said it is to keep the horny noobies out.   Everyone there has nice Avatars, but i seen some that needs some work and in the cock to skin matching department too.  I have to say most of the AVS look good and yes even the women.

This sim is just a homestead,  it is always full.  I checked the traffic yesterday and it was over 18K and that is a homestead.  they do hvae sex spots too, which i see in use often, but on the main beach,  there is no sex, no clothing, and not hardons.   

Like in Gay Gor, Gay SL is far behind in the straights, but I am happy to report that the Isle of Scimitar has made great strides.   As a gor hater now and a few of the people who really made me hate gor is there. I will never set foot there.   If i was to see them I know I would get banned and will be my first banning but it will be well worth it,  I hate those fuckers,  I hope you know who you are, Topaz and Decius


  1. This is totally true that silence is not always the best option to choose. You have your rights and freedom to talk and do whatever you like.

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  2. Wow ... of the places you mentioned, I was only ever at the old Boots beach, and Hubs off and on briefly, well over two years ago. You are right about cruise spots, but well, I suppose it depends on where one goes in "Gay SL" ... Zeus Club and Sleaze, both places where my partner DJs always have lively open chat, sometimes flirty, sometimes crass, sometimes both. The Bear clubs also seem to have a lot of open chat and genuine conversation, as does Tangier and Spurt. With the exception of Hubs, I have never been to places that are cruise or pick up sorts of places. I do know one reason for not participating in open chat is the excessive use of big gestures to fill up the screen, and the fact that one can easily lose the thread of the conversation. I suppose it depends on the intent of those who frequent a place, if they are looking for fun and social interaction, the place and open chat will have a far different dynamic than a place people go to find a sexual partner. Not everyone comes to SL for sex, of course, but if that is their intent, I should much rather such negotiations go on in IM than being subjected to that sort of talk in open chat.