Monday, June 25, 2012

take back what i said about Turtle Coast

Well I can be wrong about places and I am wrong about Turtle Coast.  Well not all wrong, the people who go there is nice, but I cannot say that about the owner.... She is a grade A bitch.  Some how I sent her an invite to Driftwood,  I don't recall sending her one, nor did I send anyone to my Turtle Coast friends or those who go there, not even to Steffie,  who is the other gay guy who goes to the Turtle Coast.
From what I can figure out, one of my renters must have sent the invite out.  He is someone who found us on search and goes to Turtle and Wild Coast.   He is a nice guy and I think he did not do that to harm anyone.
I did talk to the owner of the Coasts when I was righting this.  I got unbanned but I demanded a refund from joining the groups. 500 lindens to join turtle and 450 to join wild.  she would give me only the 500 back. I am ok with that as I did enjoy myself there.   She wanted an apology which i would not give,  i don't like being accused of something i did not do.  Then she said it was someone of my Staff,  I know my Staff and they would not go there let alone spend 500 lindens to join that group.   I think the Turtle Coast owner dose not like completion and to say i spammed her group is nothing but bull shit and a lie.
To all my turtle friends,  I like to say thank you for being kind to me and I had lots of fun there, but I will never be back.  I don't go to places where I am not welcomed.

added a bit later
A little bit later she came back to me saying I was rude to her in off line IM,  which I was.  I did say 'screw you'   in the off line because I was being accused of something I did not do, nor did she talk to me in person before banning and booting me from the sim.  This Sim owner is nothing but another sim owning ass hole who thinks they are better than every one else.   She had the pleasure of throwing at my face that i am now banned from 26 sim that are some of the busiest ones of SL for 5 years.   Let me tell you this Miss Sim Owner,  you are not better than everyone else,  you are just another bitch who thinks she is better than everyone else.    I say to you, you can take your fucking 26 sims and stick them where the sun dont shine,  oh wait the sun shines there too.    Well stick them up where a man has never been in!

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  1. Wow she sounds like a right Bitch... Not sure who would pay 500 Lindens to sent out a notice about a group... Sounds stupid Doesn't it? Unfortunately I believe they see Driftwood as competition, so just used an excuse to remove you. Just because they own 26 sims doesn't make them any better then anyone else... Probably makes them more stupid then anyone else!
    Love you my Brother!