Thursday, February 21, 2013

Misha in the Middle

I am not a big avatar by any standard, nor am I a small one.    When I go to places where the bears are, they tower over me, huge and hairy.    In my mind they are just to big and over compensating.  I am not sure what for,   maybe they want to look like a Tom of Finland drawing.   Many do treat me badly, telling me I am a child and pervert.   No I am not, I like to be somewhat normal sized, I am not a gym rat nor do I want to be hairy.   Being over 8 feet tall, built like a brick house and has hairy as a gorilla does not make you more of a man, just a Slider Queen.
Today, I had a visitor on Driftwood a Femboi,  I was not rude to him nor did I kick him out for looking underage,  I should have though.  I was busy trying on demo mesh feet.   I IMed me out of the blue and said this is a dead club.  I informed him well it is not a club but a beach and homes, as I am not interested in running a club.   This is a place to relax and have fun.    Then he went on to bitch that I was to tall.   I said yes I am taller than life size but shorter than many here on sl,  a medium sized av.  
I told him I thought he was to short,  he then he replied no he was not and he was 5 feet tall.   I said yes you are to short for an adult male,  then he said he was a femboi.    That is when I took my cam off of the mesh feet and took a look at him,  yes he was short and had narrow shoulders and wide hips, very boyish.   I gave him the lecture of how adult males have long torso with wider shoulders than the hips where women have narrow shoulders, wide hips and short torsos.   He replied, exactly what a femboi is.   Well I disagree,   being femi is a state of being not how the body develops,  and femi adult male will still be tall, wider shoulder than the hips and a long torso like Andrej Pejic for example. See pick below and see his tumblr

SL fembois are edging age play,   if you come to my place you will banned.  I do try to be open minded and try not to judge people, but if you come to my place, to throw insults to me about how tall I am, you will get tell you what I think and I will make it public here:   Yes, people are taller in SL than in RL.  I do think most are to tall and unrealistic such as the slider queens.  The Tiny Twinks and Fembois are worse,  they tote that they are life size but still have the body of a boy with little bald dicks.   I am sorry, to me you do look underage and unattractive.

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  1. I agree with you Misha, you know that i am shorter than you but still i am over 6ft (6'3") an average size for an earth born man i think. (goreans tend to be bigger, but as i play an earth boy then i am ideal) I have been banned from places that say i am a child Av. I am not though, as you say, i have a man's body, just short legs.
    I find the huge av's totally unattractive. I tend to agree with you about the Femboys, they are very child like and to get a av of 5' i think you have to use a child Av. The only Av's that get away with excessively shortness, in my opinion, are Neko's and that is cus they are Hybrid Neither Human nor Cat.
    I agree with you about banning people that just want to bitch, especially on your own sim. I sometimes wonder about some of the people behind the AV.
    See you soon, Misha. Kisses xxx